Identifying Asbestos in your Auckland Property

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BSure can identify asbestos on your buildings throughout the Auckland area

The dangers of asbestos to life is now well documented and identifying asbestos is now more important than ever. Enormously popular as a wall plugging compound and insulator, asbestos use was widespread throughout New Zealand, leaving a deadly trail of respiratory problems. The abundant use of asbestos up until the 1980’s has left a legacy of unsafe buildings, with many homes, offices and public buildings that are slowly damaging the respiratory systems of residents, guests and staff. However, asbestos is far safer left in place than it is when removed by the wrong people.

Get a Building Inspection

Without understanding the asbestos situation on a property, you are helpless. Asbestos removal projects can be costly and disruptive, especially if a site survey is not completed properly. BSure offer full building inspections and being 100% independent, you can trust us completely. We do not provide asbestos removal services, and have no interest in suggesting services that will not efficiently and effectively bring you in line with the highest standards. Whether buying a new property or ensuring that there are no hidden secrets in a building already owned, an inspection will give you peace of mind. It could also prevent a very costly purchase, saving many thousands in the long run.

The dangers of poor Asbestos policy

Asbestos’s fine fibres, when breathed in, cause irreparable damage to the respiratory system. In order to become airborne in the first place, the fibres must be split out, and the overall structural integrity of the sheets must be reduced; exactly what occurs when asbestos is ‘ripped out’ of a building. In this case, the asbestos fibres are ejected into the air, becoming incalculably more dangerous to anyone in the immediate area, as well as becoming embedded, in their shortened form, in the rest of the building, meaning that the fibres will continue to damage people’s health long after the main asbestos sheeting has been removed.

That is why asbestos must be removed by seasoned professionals. Removing asbestos poorly is much more dangerous than leaving it where it is. The New Zealand Demolition and Asbestos Association (NZDAA) has produced a comprehensive set of guidelines for best practice in removal, transportation and disposal of asbestos, covering every aspect of safe asbestos removal including all relevant legal and monitoring and personal protection standards.

In commercial properties, being on the wrong side of the law can be hugely costly, both in terms of the health of those using the property and legally. It is therefore vital that you are aware of your responsibilities and are aware of the best practices for removal and testing.

Identifying Asbestos

There are many forms of asbestos, each with their own risk levels and each with their own specific removal difficulties. Knowing whether your building, or potential purchase is contaminated with asbestos fibres and identifying which form of asbestos is present, its prevalence and accessibility, is essential. With over 30 years of industry experience and immediate reporting capabilities, we are experienced building inspectors in Auckland and the surrounding area.

Understanding the nature and extent of an asbestos problem prior to any safe removal project is vital in ensuring that the plan covers all aspects of maintaining a safe workforce and ensuring that there is no post removal dangers or lingering fibres.

Get a Building Inspection

At BSure, we do not provide full asbestos testing and removal services, but provide full building inspections and can identify where asbestos is in your building to ensure that you can take control of your own health and safety and seek safe, efficient and trusted asbestos removal services.