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Why are building reports are good investment for Auckland property owners?

Here at BSure we have been undertaking professional building inspections in Auckland since 2007.  We know that your home is  often your most expensive asset and strive to make you aware of the potential plus and minuses.  Whether you are buying  a home and don’t want to buy a dud that will cost you an arm and a leg in the future or selling your home and want to make sure that you get what it’s worth we can help.  Don’t think that by not paying for a property inspection you will be saving money, as hidden problems , can end up costing you a fortune!

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What do our experienced building inspectors look at?

BSure’s  building inspectors  look at a building from top to bottom. They assess the condition of the house exterior; the house interior and the property exterior.  Find out more details of what our comprehensive visual inspections cover

As a visual inspection of a building has its limits our home inspectors are trained to take moisture and humidity tests and use a thermographic camera which helps to detect leaks, damp and draught problems.

Why you need a Building Report in Auckland

You need to make sure that you aren’t throwing your hard earned money away.  Your Auckland home is an investment so call in our expertise so that we can provide you with an easy to understand pre purchase/ pre sale building report that will give you sound facts upon which you can base your sale or purchase decisions.

Building Consent

Although our inspector’s can’t guarantee that a building meets the Building Act and/or local regulations, such as resource consents, building consents, code of compliance certificates etc for any work carried out to the property, they can usually identify building work that is likely to have needed a building permit.

Information about permits and consents can be found by searching the council records or ordering a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) from the council.

There is a problem with the house! What are my options?

Sometimes the findings of a building inspection mean that you no longer want the house.  As you’ve already invested time, money and emotions into the house this can be a hard decision to make, although it is better to make the decision now and move on than continue with the purchase of a house that you no longer love and that will cripple your bank account.

Aware of all of the facts, no matter how bad they are, you may still want to proceed with the purchase.  Hopefully you have a rough idea of what it will take to fix the problems and you are aware of  the work involved and the cost.  In most cases our building inspectors won’t know how much it will cost to fix a problem, as this is not our area of expertise, so you may need to ask for estimates from a builder or other tradesman.

When trying to find out costs it is always a good idea to get at least a couple of quotes, if only to attempt to get the purchase price down. The estimates do not need to be detailed but they should have come from independent specialists.

Armed with all of this information you can either enter into negotiations with the seller again to reduce the agreed price, taking into account the cost of the repairs or you could ask the seller to have the repairs done, at their cost, before you taken possession of the house.

Get a Building Report

A Building Inspection as a condition of sale

Sometimes a building inspection is a condition of a sales and purchase agreement.  Make sure that you allow enough time to satisfy your conditions and give yourself some thinking time should the results not be as you hoped.  Here at BSure we can provide you with an unbiased, same day, easy to understand written report, which we can send to you via email. Contact us now for your Home Inspection