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Meth Testing Auckland

Meth Testing – Has your property been used as a meth lab?

Methamphetamine (also known as meth or P) testing is becoming an essential part of buying (or selling) any Auckland home or property. Clean ups for properties contaminated with methamphetamine can easily run into thousands of dollars and even end up with the complete demolition of a very badly contaminated building. The stigma of a “p-lab house” can also create problems with renting or on-selling properties. You can manage or prevent getting into this sort of situation by getting a house meth test prior to purchasing a property in Auckland.

BSure certified house inspectors are experienced in pre purchase & pre sale building inspections and are proud to offer property methamphetamine testing throughout Auckland. Here are some of the most common questions that Auckland property owners have about P testing.

Get a Meth Test!

What sort of meth test do you use?

We use a meth test called Securetec Drug Wipe A, Product code SEA104A. It is a Surface Wipe test for methamphetamine. We have been informed by the NZ agents for this device that the device we use is currently being used by Australian Customs and several other law enforcement agencies around the world.

How does the meth test work?

Drug Wipe A. is an immunological screening test, the sample collector transfers the sample to the test strip, which contain drug-specific antibodies. If the sample contains drugs, they will bind to the antibodies. The test begins as soon as the test strips are immersed in water. In the case of strongly positive samples, a result may be visible after just three minutes, with all tests available to be read visually after eight minutes. The testing devices have both a control line and a test line that determines the result of the tests undertaken.

The water helps the drugs that are bound to the antibodies to migrate to the test line. The red test line is evaluated visually, all control lines must turn red in order for the test to be valid. The test is negative for drugs if the test line does not turn red. The test is positive for drugs when both the control line and the test line turn red.

Invalid Tests

The test is invalid if the control lines do not turn red. A repeat screening with a new Securetec Drug Wipe A, will be undertaken at our cost should this occur.

Independent Meth Testing

The above tests are undertaken independently, as we do not undertake, nor have any interest in undertaking any refurbishing work should it be required on the said property, nor do we have any association with any of the company’s that undertake that type of work.

How many tests are needed?

Each SECURETEC testing device is capable of taking up to 6 samples.

  • One device can test between 2-3 rooms or areas, with 6 samples.
  • Two testing devices can test between 4-5 rooms or areas with 12 samples.
  • Three Testing Devices can test between 5-6 rooms or areas with 18 samples.
  • Four Testing Devices can test more than 6 rooms or areas with 24 samples.

Meth Test Pricing

Call us on our toll free number 0508 523 523 or mobile 0274 523 523 for an on the spot price, and time frame to have the test undertaken. If you are dealing through a real estate agent, the name and phone number of the agent would be useful to avoid any time delays. We undertake inspections that cover all of Auckland and the North Shore, that are within 30km of the Auckland CBD at our quoted prices. Inspections outside that area can still be undertaken but will incur an additional cost.

How soon will I get my meth report?

A verbal report will be given at the completion of the inspection being undertaken, with a full written report emailed to you in a PDF format the same day, as long as payment has been received, or a screen shot of the your payment from your bank has been received.

Get a Meth Test!


Any person that orders a BSure House Inspection Limited METHAMPHETAMINE inspection report, through our WEB SITE, hereby confirms that they have fully read, understood and accept the terms, conditions and wavers contained in the report as read on that site.

Conditions & Waivers

This report has been prepared for the private and confidential use of the NAMED PERSON(S)only for the specific purpose detailed above. It should not be reproduced in whole or part, or relied upon by any other party for any use whatsoever without the express written authority of BSure House Inspections Limited.

We accept NO liability to third parties, nor do we contemplate that this report would be relied upon by third parties. We invite other parties who may come into possession of this report, to seek our written consent to them relying on this report. We reserve our right to withhold consent or to review the contents of this report in the even that our consent is sought

Despite the above we provide NO warranty regarding the detection of Methamphetamine residues at the property in question.

Due to the process currently used in testing Methamphetamine we cannot give a complete undertaking that Methamphetamine will always be detected, where it has either been manufactured , or used on the said premises, or that the testing methods used will always deliver 100% accurate results.

BSure House Inspections Limited will take all care but accepts NO responsibility for any Loss, Damage, Cost or Expense (whether directly or indirectly) incurred by the clients acting in reliance upon the result(s) of the Securetec Drug Wipe A, detection device(s) used in the above tests.