Moisture Testing in Auckland & North Shore

Mould in the home caused by excessive moisture is unsightly but more importantly it is unhealthy!

Mould in the home caused by excessive moisture is unsightly but more importantly it is unhealthy!

Identifying leaks and water damage in Auckland homes

BSure’s owner Peter Heywood has over 30 years building, associated trades and real estate experience.  With almost a decade’s experience as a property inspector Peter strives to offer you, the customer, the best service possible.   This includes a moisture testing service all over Auckland and the North Shore.  Never heard of it?  Don’t think that you need one?  Excess moisture in a home or property can go undetected for months and months leading  to catastrophic consequences.

When buying or selling a home a pre- purchase building report can only tell you so much which is why the BSure team have developed a non-invasive moisture test to detect any water leaks.

Find out more about the testing process below!

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New Zealand’s Leaky Home Crisis

Unless you’ve been in hiding for the last 15 plus years you will be aware of New Zealand’s Leaky Home Crisis where timber framed buildings, constructed from 1994 to 2004, have suffered from weather-tightness problems.   In extreme cases the timber frames have decayed  leading to structurally unsound; unsafe buildings, which have become uninhabitable.  Even those not severely damaged  have developed  moulds and spores which create a health risk.  However it is not just the homes from this era that can leak, nor can you spot a leaky home a mile off and this is why we offer  a non-invasive detection service of elevated moisture levels.

How Moisture Testing can help you

Signs and symptoms of moisture intrusion are often not noticed until they have escalated into a considerable problem.  Our Moisture Test will search for excess moisture in your home and can identify potential issues at an early stage, saving you a fortune.

Who should have a Moisture Test?

House Buyers

As part of a pre-purchase house inspection a Moisture Test can save you a lot of money by identifying potential problems.  It can also give you that bartering tool to bring the price down a little.  If everything is okay then it will give you peace of mind.

House Sellers

As part of a pre-sale house inspection  a Moisture Test can make home owners aware of any issues and give them the opportunity to rectify them before placing their home on the market.  This means that purchasers will not be able to surprise with a bad house report and try to use it to knock down the price, due to issues you weren’t aware of.

Home Owners

The savvy home owner recognises that his home is most likely to be the most expensive purchase of his life and strives to protect it.  A Moisture Test to locate any potential problems that may be brewing, is one such measure.


Sadly not all tenants treat your rental as if it was their own home.  Often that little leak doesn’t get reported and it’s not until they move out a year down the line that you find out about it and then have to  replace those beautiful old wooden floorboards which have now been ruined.  You’ve worked hard for your investment so make sure that you protect it.

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Those who like to look after their Money

If moisture intrusion is ignored it can lead to various problems that can be structurally damaging, that will cost a fortune to repair and in some cases can be detrimental to your health.

Those who like to look after their Family’s Health

If you live in a damp house with mould or mildew you need to take action immediately.   Mould, also known as mildew, is one of the most pervasive problems in homes across the country.  Research highlights that exposure to mould spores has been scientifically linked to a great number of medical conditions, including respiratory illnesses, allergies, digestive issues, immune system problems, muscular and joint pain, headaches and amnesia.  Take the first step to create a healthier living environment for you and your family:

How we Conduct a Moisture Test

At BSure we use a non-invasive moisture meter.  It’s function is to determine the amount of moisture in your home and it can detect hidden excess moisture either inside or outside of the building.   There are numerous places, not visible to the human eye, where moisture can build up, such as, in a wall cavity, exterior wall sheathing, or even behind a ceramic tile wall covering.  Our goal is to identify problems and nip them in the bud before they become more serious and more costly.

We use a hand-held wood moisture meter which is quick and accurate.  As it is small and mobile it allows us to take readings from those impossible to get in places, such as, behind a sink.

Get a Moisture Test done!

What you get in your moisture test report

We provide you with a moisture test report which provides detailed information of any excess moisture you may have inside or outside of your home, which  is clear and easy to understand.   Results are accurate and reliable and the process is quick and painless and does not do any damage to your home.  Overall this service offers a more valuable and thorough inspection than those which do not offer Moisture Testing.  Even better we offer this service at no extra cost, so what are you waiting for…..