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BSure House Inspections offer an Auckland-wide service and will carry out a comprehensive visual report on all aspects of the property in accordance with New Zealand Standard 4306:2005 Residential Property Inspections.

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Your Auckland home inspection report covers:

  • House Exterior
    The foundations and sub-floor where accessible, house cladding, balconies, joinery, roof, windows, hardware, spouting and down-pipes.
  • House Interior
    All the visible interior rooms and areas of the house including plumbing, roof structure, insulation, kitchen, dining, lounge, bedrooms, bathrooms, ensuites, toilets, laundry and garage.
  • Property Exterior
    We also offer a visual building inspection service of free standing out-buildings (garages, carports, fencing, retaining walls, decks, pergolas, pathways and driveways).
  • Moisture Readings
    Your written report will inform you of any visible defects and areas of concern on the inspected property which will include non invasive moisture readings, around all the windows and exterior doors, in the bathrooms and ensuite and at random on the interior of the exterior walls and skirting boards where accessible, and any additional high risk areas at no extra cost.

Buying or Selling a House

Are you considering purchasing or selling a house, home or investment?

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Before you do anything get peace of mind by obtaining an unbiased, same day, comprehensive easy to understand written email report from B Sure House Inspections Ltd.

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Humidity Testing

We can test a new or older home for humidity variance. If a reading is higher or lower it points to possible leaky home problems which we would then investigate further with our other equipment. Find out more about our humidity testing services in Auckland.

Non-Invasive detection of elevated moisture levels

Our mission is to create and provide solutions in moisture measurement technology to assist in the detection of moisture in new or older homes in a non intrusive way.

When buying a home it is always good to know you will get value for money and one way to ensure that your future home is in good repair is to get it inspected. However, a building inspection does not always test for water leakage problems. We include humidity and non-invasive moisture testing on all the properties we inspect in Auckland that will find any problems in the house to do with water leaking from pipes, showers or from the roof or gutters that could easily rot the internal timbers over time if left unattended. Very often a leak can be quite small, but do a lot of damage that is unseen. Moisture testing will catch these problems so that they can be fixed before the structure of the house is compromised. Even lending institutions favour lending money for homes that have had such testing done. If you are selling your home, getting such an inspection is one way to reassure buyers that the house is in really good repair. Even though they may still get their own inspection done, being able to offer them proof that the home is in good repair is a good selling point and forges good customer relations so that they are less likely to pull out of the sale at the last moment. Buying and/or selling real estate can be accomplished more quickly so you can get settled and get on with your life when you have these inspections done. Contact us today to arrange for humidity and moisture testing in Auckland and North Shore.

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